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Since 1987 showmedia has been developing and accompanying customer-oriented concepts for the marketing of services, products and technologies in the field of media and health.

iPhone and Co

showmedia designs and implements applications (apps) for iPhone & Co. map-app is an app for high-quality country and road maps, completely offline (07/2008 - 02/2019).

Additional Info

  • Project: map-app (
  • Concept: showmedia
  • Design: showmedia
  • Technology: Partner
  • Implementation: Partner


Sascha Chowdhury
Kirchbergstr. 5a, Germany
82449 Uffing am Staffelsee
Phone: +49-8846-9211451
eMail: meetme[at]


  • Gesund für Dich (GfD)

    Gesund für Dich (GfD) - Prevention from A to Z: cell screening with light and preventive health check in 30 seconds (06/2016 - today).

Social Development

  • Brand building "Erlebnis Oberland"

    Development of the brand "Erlebnis Oberland" for social networking and social marketing of the Bavarian Oberland region (09/2013 - today).

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